Green Bowl Beach, Hidden Paradise in South Bali

green bowl beach bali

Green Bowl Beach, Hidden Paradise in South Bali

Hello guys back to my blog again. Hope you are in good health and don’t forget to exercise. This time I want to tell you about one of the best beaches I’ve ever visited in Bali. And the beach that I’m talking about this time is still in the South Kuta area and is still in the same row with Melasti beach. The name of this beach is Green Bowl Beach. Green Bowl Beach is more famous and often visited by surfers because it has high waves. Access to this beach also requires extra struggle so it is not surprising that domestic tourists rarely visit this beach.

Location and Access to Green Bowl Beach

The trip to Green Bowl Beach is almost the same as access to Melasti beach, so it takes about 40 minutes to drive from the Kuta area. Because the actual location of this beach is next to each other but there is no direct access between the two beaches. I really enjoyed the whole trip to this beach with so many trees that the heat of Bali was not felt during the trip.

Amazing Cliff View of the Sea at Melasti Beach

After taking pictures near the entrance I continued down towards the beach. Along the way to the beach I also passed a road where the side is a cliff and the other side is a view of the open sea. There is also a spot where there is a twin cliff in the middle of the road that we can pass. Therefore, it’s incomplete if you don’t capture this beautiful view with camera shots.

  • green bowl beach
  • green bowl beach

The beach parking area is quite wide and there are several food stalls. At this beach, there is no entrance or parking fee, so make sure the security of each of your vehicles. Then I proceeded to start walking down the hundreds of steps to the beach. From here, our intentions will be tested with the many steps to the beach. Even though it’s not as heavy as going up the mountain, those of you who rarely exercise will also be tired.

  • green bowl stairs
  • green bowl beach
  • pantai uluwatu
  • surfer bali
  • surfer green bowl
  • green bowl
  • surfing bali

The Beauty and Silence of Green Bowl Beach that Feels Like a Private Beach

After walking down hundreds of stairs to the beach, tiredness paid off with the beauty of this Green Bowl beach. Most of the visitors were foreign surfers, so in the coastal area I only met a few foreign tourists. There are also mothers selling young coconuts in the beach area.

Green Bowl Beach has a beach that is not too long and when viewed from above using a drone it looks like a bowl, hence the name Green Bowl. This beach has clean white sand but there are still many small rocks so you have to be careful when stepping. There is also a small cave in the beach area that you can use for shelter or rest. Maybe this Green Bowl beach is one of the best beaches I’ve ever visited with its silence and the sound of the waves alternating making my heart peaceful and I always miss this place.

  • green bowl beach
  • green bowl beach pantai di kuta selatan
  • pantai green bowl
  • pantai green bowl
  • pantai bali
  • bali beach
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  • surfer beach pantai di kuta selatan

Although this beach is more famous among surfers, the waves on the shoreline are quite calm so it can be used to play in the water. And usually surfers have to go a bit to the middle of the sea to surf. After enjoying the beauty of the beach and capturing it, then start preparing to walk up the many stairs. So, to get to good places, you have to have a little struggle, guys.. 🙂

That’s my story of visiting Green Bowl Beach in Bali. For those of you who want to experience a quiet beach in Bali, you can visit this beach.

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On the beach, you can live in bliss..

Dennis Wilsont
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Green Bowl Beach, Ungasan, Bali

Location : Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali / Google Maps

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